Advise 3 : Start effective




after we choose the great Idea ! and the Awesome partner to start doing ! So How we can to start ? it’s very important to start in a right way so We MUST : 

  • Set a Goals : it’s very important in the start to set a goals for ourself ( a fast goals that give us a push  ) to keep going in our start up 
  • Set a clear Vision : a Vision is a very important , it maybe have a short term and long term vision for your startup ( be SMART not more than 5 years as a Maximum in a long term vision ) 
  • Choose a Core values ! : the values of your start up is a very important like a system or policy of a working company but be in a simple way , it should be short and specific like Commitment , Respect and Loyalty for an example , the Values like a track we build together to walk on it to reach our a great goal ! We can use the values to evaluate the people that we working together and if anyone go out of track we can make it back by the Values that we put together .
  • Technical or Non Technical : it’s very important to sure and know all info about the technical part specific , I just want to mention this point because any start up even what it do , not engineering or related to technology  it must have a technical part , the part that you provide even a product or service  , so you should know very good about this part and how to secure it .
  • start to distribute the tasks and roles : you should make it with care , anyone will give him/her a task or mission he/her should have a passion to do and interested to do it and me an organisation chart for your start up to be clear who will be responsible in what ? 

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