Advise 2 : idea !

I hope the advise 1 about the help you to

find your way to how to start and as we said Before the team even you have the Best Idea ! You

will do nothing .

Idea it’s the shine for any startup that wish to earn and success , let us see some words and

Advices , We used to be right like some one said ” i have an idea by Millions of Dollars !!” , ” i have

The best idea ever ! ” and something like that , But ! It’s not right to think like that !

The Advice: IDEAs Without Execution is nothing , there is no best idea or good idea until the

People take and decision to make it happen ! , Some advises about the Idea ! Do the best ! In your

Idea it’s very important to believe about your idea although the competition size that you will be in .

Idea must be with a demand in the Market , According to the Need of the Market , It will be great if

It make directly as social impact in your society , You should think about how to make your

business sustainable how to make it to continue in the Market , How to make a Development you

Must search for news , keep updated for the Market ,Finally you should how secure your idea like

For example about an officially register for idea for something like that , All this points will show

You the way to start your dream and your own business idea , I hope to enjoy this article , thanks !


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