Advise 1 , The Partner !

It’s the first step you must put in your consideration when you want to start your Own Business !

True ! It’s very important then the idea ( that we talk later about it ) , It was the partners !

When you start to think about the business partner ,Think like a partner of your life like the wife !

It’s very important to take your partner carefully between others , If you have the BEST idea in

Whole the World if you don’t have a good partner it will fail , Super Entrepreneurs ! Never fail but

They are a problem solver and can overcome any problem so you should take care when you

Choose him , He/she must be passionate , dreamer , thinker and innovator about your idea or

What you think ! , he should be in a good behavior , someone you trust and feel satisfied toward

Him , someone loyal person , respect the people and the idea that you working for and he want to

Make a change ! This is most of good things must be in your partner and your business !

3 thoughts on “Advise 1 , The Partner !

  1. I agree, choosing your partner is a very critical and important step, your partner can give you the boost to proceed and achieve the highest levels of your business goals or he can retard your progress and weaken your level of achievements.

    Myself had this experience before, and from this point I recommend that a specific, clear and precise criteria should be set for your partner avoiding any bad choices or misleading partners.

    Finally however you have chosen a partner and you discovered lately that you have made a mistake, don’t hesitate to finish the partnership, because whatever the loss you will suffer it will be very tiny compared to completing with such a disastrous partner.

    Thanks for your valuable point up there, and good luck.

  2. thank you for your perfect comment , You add to me a good experience from your point of view , Maybe as you said know this late after we started before but we must finish it soon this is the only way ! thanks again .

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